Sunday, July 28, 2013

Worship in Glasgow

Why does a family of five stand in the drizzling rain on a Sunday morning? Because they want to attend the kind of worship service that we attended today.

They call themselves "a welcoming
congregation" and they were right.
Our visit to St. Mary's Cathedral was quite fine. A church in the Scottish Episcopal tradition, we were warmly welcomed, not as American tourists, but as fellow global Christians who came to hear a good sermon and to take communion.

We climbed aboard a bus with the sketchiest of directions, not sure where our stop was, or what it looked like. A few friendly people pointed the way, and soon the five of us took our pew in a beautiful sanctuary.

I have spent time reflecting on why today's service meant so much to me. The sermon was inviting and accessible, and all of us found something helpful in it. Different voices offered readings and prayers, and it was clear each one felt confident about their leadership. The scriptures for the day echoed in the hymns and prayers. Even though it was a classy liturgy, well executed, there was nothing pompous about it. And the people around us were certain that we would not leave without a hospitable welcome.

I cannot think of a better worship service for our kids - or for us - to attend. If we are in town next Sunday, we would like to return. All of us.

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  1. Sounds like "the soul of tomorrow's church" for today!