Friday, July 12, 2013

Family Wedding

The last time we saw him in a tux
We leave today for the wedding of our nephew Matt, which will take place this weekend on the shore of a glacial lake in upstate New York.

This handsome little shaver (to the left) has blossomed significantly. He works as assistant director of admissions at the university that he attended. In the words of his high school guidance counselor, "That terrific guy can sell anything to anybody!" I believe it. He has a most promising future and we are thrilled that he and his bride Ellie are stepping into it together.

One of my family blessings as "family chaplain" (got a minister in your family?) is that I have the responsibility of recounting potentially embarrassing details at a critical liturgical moment. I try to be a wise steward of such moments.

In Matt's case, there is little that is embarrassing to say. Now if it were his mother . . .

Speaking of his mother, let me tell her here: I was able to book the Doobie Brothers for the wedding reception. They will send the invoice directly to you.

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