Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On the road to Montreal

Greetings from the road to Montreal. As the last part of Music Week, we are traveling to what Ripley's Believe It Or Not calls "the largest jazz festival in the world."

Just a slice of 32-mile-long Lake George
We take the long way, traveling up the west coast of Lake George. This pristine lake is absolutely beautiful and it takes a while to enjoy it. Along the way we stop at Silver Bay, a YMCA camp that friends have told us about for years. It turns out that Jamie once served on the board of a YMCA near her home town (the things you learn deep into your marriage!) and she knows a couple of the folks who work here. It was good to see them, and to learn more about Silver Bay. We will be back here some day.

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  1. I love Silver Bay. Years ago, when we were members of the Glens Falls Presbyterian Church, we went there for church picnics a couple years. Then one weekend a few families in the church stayed there, including the Associate Pastor and his family.