Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday is Fun Day

I had the opportunity to worship with my wife this morning. That doesn't happen very often, as she plays the organ for a church over the mountain from where I work. She showed me the Sunday routine - stopping for a DD iced coffee on the way, setting up the organ for worship, and greeting everybody as they came in.

The service was a hoot. It started a bit late since the regular preacher wasn't there, and the substitute preacher did an admirable job. It was a good way to devote a Sunday morning. I was glad to be there.

On the way back, we stopped at the Fifty-Acres-of-Food Emporium to pick up the fixings for some Pad Thai for supper. The place was swarmed! I murmured, "Who are all these people and why aren't they in churches?" I suppose one can be a bit cloistered by a regular Sunday morning commitment. But it was sobering to see how many people were there, dressed for the back yard, apparently indifferent to the hymns and scriptures that we had just shared a few minutes before.

That was my major discovery for the day: just how many people have no need for the church in any obvious way. And I knew some of them by name.

Returning home, our spunky offspring would not let me mull this over too long. They were ready for splishing and splashing on a very warm day, declaring "Sunday is Fun Day." Indeed it was. I napped with a book in my lap, then woke long enough to finish it. After a bit more puttering, I made good on my promise to make a small Thai feast. Just right for a summer night.

Tomorrow I head off to a sheep farm that doubles as a Benedictine monastery. It will be a change of pace.

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