Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let the music begin

Up and at 'em at dawn. The sabbatical is designed to a certain rhythm: rest, time with family, time alone, time in prayer, time in nature . . . and now, time with music. This sabbatical is about listening for the music of God's Spirit in a variety of places: in human relationships, in the natural beauty of the world, in the silence of our hearts, and from the performing stage of great artistry.

Today I begin "music week": eight days saturated with syncopation. Some of it will be with family, as I will later report, and some of it with great friends.

Jeff Kellam is the first great friend. To treat him for his birthday, I am taking him to a major jazz festival. It will be about twenty hours of music in two full days. Just us - and about twenty thousand of our closest friends. We will listen to a wide survey of some of the best improvising artists of the world - - - with a dose of Tony Bennett on Sunday night.

Stay tuned. Don't touch that dial!

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