Monday, June 17, 2013

A beautiful send-off

a good benediction
Here is my last view of the congregation on Sunday. After a final litany of mutual blessing, I walked down the aisle as we sang "God Be With You Til We Meet Again." Roger Griffith, our temporary supply pastor, was with me. He gave the benediction and I can affirm that the congregation is in good hands.

It was a good day. Full house in worship, the baptism of a wonderful kid named Mira, and the blessing of being with these good folks before I departed. The Deacons had a pre-service pancake breakfast, and the food was generous and delicious. Thanks to all who made the departure so special!

Margaret Rose, graduate
That afternoon, we threw a graduation party for daughter Meg. My whole family came by the house - Mom and Dad, two sisters and a brother, their spouses and kids.

Meg also invited a hundred of her closest friends and fondest acquaintances. Naturally, she included some church folks in the mix. It was a grand way to celebrate her departure from high school.

Seven years ago, my first sabbatical coincided with Meg's eleventh birthday. The picture that I took at a birthday breakfast is a reminder of she has now matured into a wise young woman with deep insight and many abilities. We are very proud of all four of our kids; this week belongs to Meg.

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