Friday, June 14, 2013

Be Kind to Roger

Rev. Roger Griffith
We are blessed to have a seasoned minister to fill in for me. The Rev. Roger Griffith will be our temporary supply pastor during my three-month absence. Recently retired as the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in nearby Dallas, PA, he will be our acting pastor and head of staff until September 15.

Roger is a very gifted individual. He has a warm heart and a gentle manner. He also have a good head on his shoulders. I am delighted that my beloved congregation will be in such capable hands. He will preach weekly, show Christ's care to those in need, and generally be available for whatever comes up. We are grateful for the Lilly Endowment for the grant that makes his residency possible.

If anybody needs him for an emergency, contact him through our office at (570) 586-6306.

Oh, and one more thing: be kind to him. When I return, I don't want to hear of any instances like this: "The minister's a sub, so we're all going to sing the wrong hymn... Pass it on!"

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