Sunday, May 26, 2013

On composing a goodbye letter

I need to write a "see you in the fall" letter for the church newsletter. It's a week past the deadline, so I will need to get that done some time tomorrow and slide it in just in time for printing.

Hmm . . . why is it taking so long for me to write the letter? I know what I want to say ("I love all of you, I'm looking forward to a time of rest and refreshment, and yes, I'll be back on September 15"). But words on a page will make the sabbatical departure real. And there is a lot to finish before I depart in three weeks.

Meanwhile, today was a busy day: worship with preaching, conversations with church leaders, updates with people in need of care, planning time for next week's confirmation service, lunch with former church members who are passing through town, a lengthy meeting with a couple who will be married in the fall. When I arrive home at 4:30, I loosen my necktie and collapse into the couch. A good day, a full day. Today it is hard to imagine an extended pause in my work.

Maybe that's why I am dragging my feet in writing the letter.

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