Friday, April 12, 2013

Random reservations

Many moments have a greater purpose that we may not realize at the time. So I'm starting to schedule some of these moments through the sabbatical.

My youngest child is graduating from high school, and has selected American University as her college of choice for the fall. We are planning a big graduation party for Father's Day, the same day that the sabbatical begins. As daughter Meg said, "Let's get it done." It will be a send-off for her, anticipating her bittersweet departure in mid-August.

She has already invited a thousand people to invade our back yard, and invited a few friends to return for the party-after-the-party which will involve a bonfire and s'mores. We are looking forward to celebrating the end of high school with her, and surrounding her with love as she prepares to depart.

At the end of the summer, after the dependents have departed to become independents, Jamie and I have booked our tickets for the Canadian Rockies. We expect to ramble around those big hills for two weeks, hiking, spotting wildlife, and gazing at extraordinary landscapes such as Peyto Lake. The trip gives us the time to explore how we will return to an empty nest. I suspect we will chat about the blessings and lessons we have received thus far, as we chart our future ahead.

One of the coolest moments during the summer is a workshop with Bobby McFerrin, scheduled in late summer. Sometime around seventh grade, a public school music teacher told me that I couldn't sing. I know that isn't true, but it is difficult to get that harsh voice out of my head. Bobby is leading a gathering for those who wish to replace such voices with our own melodious voices. I am thrilled to be going to this event.
It promises to be another soul-refreshing moment.

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